PArent Tips

Parents play a critical role in the development of a junior golfer. From the correct preparation for class to the all-important engagement of establishing goals and the progression towards them, we rely on you to provide the encouragement and support that is so significant in determining the success of your child's love of the game. We are happy to offer some basic tips for parents on how to best support your child towards their goals as they take part in the U.S. Kids Golf Academy.

  • Golf Clubs: As the world's leaders in youth golf equipment, we will provide properly fit clubs and training aids for our students while on site. Please do not purchase golf clubs prior to coming to your first class. Improperly fit golf equipment can have significant detrimental effects on the success of a developing player. Many of our students already have equipment, which we will assess for proper fit. Our coaches are available to discuss your clubs and our recommendations.

  • Be involved: Our philosophy is that golf is best learned and loved when parents are involved. Once you're logged in, go to "Manage Results" and track the progress. Most of all, communicate with our coaches about your successes and challenges so we can best serve you.

  • Be a Second-Goal Parent through PCA: The U.S. Kids Golf Academy is proud of our partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance. Our commitment to parental involvement carries the disclaimer that it must done in an encouraging and supportive manner. Though not a requirement, we strongly urge parents to complete the Second-Goal Parent course. Register with voucher code USKidsGolfAcademyLL to reduce the cost to $15.

  • Provided by the U.S. Kids Golf Academy. Learning Program booklet, hat, bag tag, learning scoreboard. Golf tees and practice balls available during class sessions.