The U.S. Kids Golf Academy will always strive to be an inclusive, welcoming, safe, and enjoyable atmosphere. To make sure that each student and parent feels welcome and that we can provide the optimal learning environment, we ask that everyone abide and respect the following policies.

  • Rain/Weather: The instructor in charge will determine whether classes will be conducted on days of inclement weather. If any class is cancelled, the instructor will email students via their contact info on file.

  • Dress Code: Appropriate golf attire is encouraged.

  • Cancellation: Students may cancel their reserved spot in a class up to 24 hours in advance. If within 24 hours of the class, cancellations or no-shows will count as a class attended. To cancel a class, login to your account and click "Reservations".

  • Cell Phone: Students are not to have a cell phone out while class is in session. Parents/observers are asked to put ringers on silent and move away from class if conversations must take place.

  • Tobacco: There is no smoking or any use of tobacco allowed by coaches, parents, or students at the U.S. Kids Golf Academy.

  • Behavior/General Etiquette: It is important to remember that the Academy is above all else, a learning environment. Any rude or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.